Everything corporate and commercial

Everything corporate and commercial

Everything corporate and commercialEverything corporate and commercialEverything corporate and commercial

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Nominees and Trustees

We act as nominees and trustees in all kinds of transactions. We hold shares on behalf of beneficial owners of the shares and may be appointed as directors of newly established company or an already existing company. We also act as trustees in various kinds of trusts and prudently manage the trust fund or trust property for the benefit of the beneficiary. In view of the legal framework for local content currently existing in Ghana, we are disposed to holding the requisite number of shares for international companies and investors seeking to satisfy the local requirement in their respective industry especially in mining, and oil and gas. We also act as agents for companies in dealing with statutory and regulatory institutions. For companies in distress, we provide a service where we put together an interim management team of seasoned corporate professionals to steer the companies back on track. 


Corporate / Company Secretaries

Our corporate and company secretarial service includes promotion and incorporation of companies and registration of businesses and general company secretarial work under the Companies Act such as statutory filings. We are also available to attend meetings of our clients and provide the necessary guidance on proper corporate practice. Preparation of minutes and resolutions are critical to good corporate governance and we provide a service where we take accurate minutes to reflect the discussions at a meeting and resolutions to capture the decisions of those meetings. We are also available to carry out the necessary filings at the Companies Registry on behalf of our clients.


Regulatory / Compliance Managers

Regulatory and compliance management are essential for today’s industry. We deal with the statutory and regulatory bodies so that our clients do not have to go through the stress of dealing with them. We handle initial applications for permits and/or licences for clients across various industries as well as renewals of those permits and/or licences.


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